FENG SHUI -Wind and Water definition is protection from strong winds to a premises and an aim to contain Qi which means life force energy.

Feng Shui  which has many layers is an ancient Chinese art system of science and cosmology.  It has a holistic approach that observes the natural environment and surrounds within the close proximity to a building.  

The principles and philosophy of Feng Shui is the three trines. Heaven, Earth and Luck.

Heaven is our birth blessing, our fate which is fixed.

Earth is the land and buildings where we reside.

Luck is what effort we put in ourselves.

The ancient Chinese would say,  ‘ If Heaven and Earth are in harmony support and luck will come to the person.’

New energies each year bring on changes through time in space and this has an affect on our buildings which the system addresses.

The aim is for occupants of  a residential or business building to live in harmony, have prosperity and have a sense of abundance.      

Consulting in Traditional ways for:  

Houses –  Residential for all occupants, Remote Consultation, Renovations, Pre purchase for buying and appraisals for selling.  Audits for Electromagnetic Field readings included.  Four Pillars of Destiny techniques are used.        

Chinese Astrology Four  Pillars of Destiny Readings – By appointment, skype telephone readings or  watch out for readings at Fairs, details on Face Book

Date Selection – Choose a date for special occasions to bring smooth and successful moments for the day and the future. 

Garden Design – Accentuate the beauty and enjoy the Qi. Help with choosing textures, shapes, colours and elements which saves a heap of time.  

Space Clearings – For moving in, clearing after arguments and refresh the building, a ceremony is included. 

De cluttering and Home Organising help – Worth the effort to do to have function in your life.  

Businesses People in surrounds that support their activity will bring on success.

Reports are included


Just a short note to let you know how grateful I’m for the Feng Shui consultation you did at my home, what an amazing job you did.

You were so professional in the way you conduct the consultation and I could see how passion you are with you job.
Have explained things to me in such easy way that I can easily understand, any questions I had that were a concerned to me you been able to answer and solve.  You took time to insure every part of the house was properly done and didn’t miss on anything.
I now have changed the things around the house that we spoke about, and what a difference it has made the place feels great
each day i can feel the new energy coming in, its great!!!!!
Luise you have made me one very happy costumer and I’d be very happy to use you you as my consultant in the future
I  will recommend you to all my friends and anyone I come across.


Luise came to my house to provide feng shui advice for  selling my house.  I made the changes . The house sold much more than expected. Very happy how it all turned out. I will recommend Luise to my friends.


I really appreciate you taking the time and energy to share with me such great wisdom of Chinese Astrology! I truly love it!  You are great at what you do and have so much value to offer the world with your knowledge and wisdom passed on 🙏🏼🌠✨

Matty J  🎥📚🎶

Thanks so much for the email and the chat over the phone – always good to get further insights into what may lie ahead. Appreciate the feedback and look forward to the reports for next year!

Thanks,  D