Feng Shui is a holistic approach that observes houses and buildings in the surrounding landscape to harness favorable Qi. It is an ancient Chinese system that is interested how the relationship of the land and building can bring harmony to the occupants even a community who reside there.  

It sees architecture, garden, furniture arrangement and front doors as an integral part of the whole and is popular in Western society today, Feng Shui is enhancing peoples life’s on a subtle and a profound level.   

My own personal experience is I discovered it during a time when I was renovating, it saved time, helped with decision making and the end result was the place just felt right.  But there is more to Feng Shui and that is the awareness of the changing of times, whereby the Chinese Metaphysical study observes the energies of the year, month, day and even the hour for astrology readings, incoming energetic themes and date selection to use for special occasions like opening a business, moving in date, weddings and engagements.

The principles and philosophy of Feng Shui is the three trines. Heaven, Earth and Luck. Heaven is our birth blessing, our fate which is fixed. Earth is the land and buildings where we reside.  Luck is self betterment and acknowledging change in life.  The ancient Chinese would say,  ‘ If Heaven and Earth are in harmony luck will come to the person.’

Feng Shui methods help with

  • Positive ways to improve relationships and wealth.
  • Improving  health, wellbeing and preventing hassles.
  • Businesses to have better outcomes financial and harmonious staff relationships.

Consulting in Traditional ways for  

Residential, Remote Consultation and Renovations.  Viewing of property’s for buying or selling.

Chinese Astrology 4 Pillars of Destiny Readings – charts sent via email or readings by appointment. Watch out for readings at Psychic Fairs, details on Face Book.  

Date Selection – choose a date for special occasions to bring smooth and successful days.  Require the date of birth.

Garden Design – accentuate the beauty and enjoy the Qi. Help with choosing textures, shapes, colours and elements.  

Space Clearings – for moving in, clearing after arguments and refresh the building, a ceremony is included. No ghost busting.  

De cluttering and Home Organising help – worth the effort to do to have function in your life.  

Audits for  Electromagnetic Fields – Gauss Meter Reading for safe furniture placement.

Businesses – people in surrounds that support their activity will bring on success.



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